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Team building activities for the workplace that Aren’t boring

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There may have been times in the past when team building was thought of as “boring” or a much needed evil. Those times are gone and now most people enjoy the time they spend team building, and look forward to it. The games and activities meant to bond and inform the staff are also made to be exciting and fun, some examples of fun and enjoyable team building activities for the workplace are listed below.

Team building activities for the workplace:

SHERPA WALK:  Choose someone to lead the group, this person will be able to see. Then choose the people who will be blind folded and unable to see. The leader will walk these people around the room, by the shoulder, leading them to where the need to be. You can change the leader form time to time. This will build trust in the group and allow them to trust the leader. This is a great game for people who have trust issues or for people who have issues with loyalty.

Processing Questions:

How did it feel to be led? And how did it feel to lead?

Where you ever scared?

Did you trust the leader?

Would you trust you?

BLIND NUMERICAL ORDER: No talking is allowed in this game. each person must be blind folded, and led by no one. The leader will give each person a number, and then call out those numbers. Each person must blindly go where they are being called from and form a line, in the correct order. No numbers should be out of place and only by listening and feeling can the team know where they should be. Once the line is in the right order the team can take off the blind folds and see how they did. Other way to play this game is in teams, the team leader can direct while the others need to stay quite. Working as a team is very important when you play as a team.

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE: Have each team member say something about themselves, something that is false and two things that are true. This can be anything, and no person can know what is true and what is not. The group as a whole need to try and find out which statement was true and which was false, The team with the most right guesses wins. This will help the team get to know each other better, and work as a team to find out what is true or false.

Each one of these games are great for building team spirit, building relationships and helping people find out what they are great at. These games are also fun, and easy ways to help your staff work together.

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