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Team building activities for kids in the classroom

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Team building is not only for adults or co workers, children of all ages can benefit from team building. The exercises and the activities will have to be quite a bit simpler; they will also have to be more simulating, but when done right these team building exercises will make a huge impact. Students who do team building activities are said to be more well rounded, trust worthy and caring children, and of course this means they will grow up to become more productive adults.

When you want to build the team bond of a classroom there are many steps that you can take, and quite a few ideas that will help your class become a closer group of children. The first thing that you will want to do when starting a team building program is some ice breakers. These are short games and quizzes that will help the children loosen up and become more comfortable around the others. Some great ideas for ice breakers are:

Who am I? Get each child to draw or write a few things about themselves, they can share this with the group. This is a great way to tell the others about yourself. Children who might not other wise share will really thrive from this.

Create name tags: Get each child to create a name tag, for another child. At the end of the activity they will find out who the child is that they made the name tag for.

2 truths and a lie: Each child must say 3 things about themselves, 2 being true and the other a lie. The group will then have to decide which is true and which is false.

Team building activities

Some of the best team building activities for kids, are games. They will help the children learn about one another in a fun and playful manor.

Create a banner or flag: This banner of flag can be created by groups of 3 or 4. Each flag will have to say something about each member of the team. This is a great way to bring all the group personalities into one place. This will also give them something to show the other groups, and display when games and activities are going on.

Stacking cups: Stacking cups to create the tallest structure. This requires a leader and people to follow out the plan. In this game the group will learn to work together to create the best possible result. The team with the highest and most complex structure will win.

Although children’s team building requires a lot of time and planning, it certainly pays off. Children can be hard to get along with and easily distracted when they do not feel comfortable or at ease. When children work with a group they will also learn to trust the people around them. Trust is one of the most important stepping stones in any relationship. If children can learn how to trust and be trusted early on, they will become highly involved adults. All of these activities can be done in the classroom, making it affordable and easy to work on team building skills.

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