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Team building activities for adults at work

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The workplace is the one place where team building activities are much needed. Since there is no way to insure that all the people in a work environment can get along or resolve conflict well, they need to be taught. It is also good to make sure the people who work with one another, can have a common bond. This could be over anything, and should be something that creates a workplace friendship. People, who make friends at work and can resolve conflict well, are among the most sought out people in the work force. Believe it or not a large many people can not properly resolve conflicts or make lasting bonds.

Team building activities for adults at work should be fun and easy. They should be simple ways for the staff to get to know one another. Once common interests have been found, and time has been spent outside the workplace, the staff should have a better understanding of each other. Below are some great team building activities for adults that will increase bonds and productivity at the work place. These activities were created in order to create bonds in the workplace and help staff members feel like part of a team.

Adult team building activities that really work

The parts of a car:

Have the group break down into small teams. Have each team draw a car. each part of the car will represent something. If they make large wheels that will mean the team is “rolling together” or headlights may mean “long range vision” the parts that they put on the car will say quite a bit about the team. Have the team explain the car, and what it means to them.

Question me, about me!: Have the teams ask questions about one another. Ask questions about what each team member prefers. The kinds of things that you can ask are the following:

What do you like to eat?

What is your best feature?

Do you like late nights or early mornings?

Will you grow old alone or with some one?

Do you love pizza?

Who do you admire?

Do you like fast food or high end food?

Are you in love?

All of these questions will help you get a better idea of where your team mates are coming from and what they like as people.  Try to pair people up who may have issue with one another. It can be a good way for them to connect.

These are great activities because they allow staff members to get to know one another. The answers some people give may surprise some and bond others. These are the kinds of team building activities that can create friendships through a better understanding of one another. If you are looking for team building activities that work, perhaps these should be amongst the ones you try.

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